The Club

Barrow Bowls club is an independently run club which has been in existence since 1987 with the green completed and ready for competition for the 1989 season. In 2013 our members built a new clubhouse which offers disabled access. We are closely linked to the Barrow Sports and Fitness Club which has a bar open to non-members with competitively priced drinks. We have an equal opportunity policy which welcomes new members of every age, gender and ability.

We are located on Thorngarth Lane in Barrow Upon Humber, west of the church and past Barrow Sports and Fitness Club. There is ample parking with easy access to the club house. Satnav users can use the postcode found on the front page of this site. There is a Google map of our location on the Contact section.

The Outdoor
Bowls Season

From April to September, it's a relatively short but busy outdoor playing season. We have 44 league matches in 2017, playing both the Federation (EBF) and Association (EBA) codes of lawn bowls, along with various league cup competitions and county qualifier matches played by our members. In addition, we also host open competitions at weekends for triples or pairs along with our own internal club competitions.

We play in 3 leagues with fixtures held in the evenings at 6:30 and occasionally at a weekend. You are welcome to come and watch - fixtures are announced on our facebook page at and also listed in the Fixtures section of this site. We have been a member of the Barnetby and District League since our founding. In 2016 we won promotion to the Grimsby Cleethorpes and District EBF League Premier division. In 2017 we make our debut in the GCandD EBA League Division 4.

We hold a weekly bowls drive throughout the summer, open to anyone who wants to bowl, every Monday afternoon (arrive 1.50pm for a 2pm start, finished around 4pm). The entry fee is just £2 including refreshments and there is a small cash prize for the best 2 scores.

Join Us

We are a small but friendly club and are always looking for new members. If you've never bowled before, don't worry. It's not as hard as it might look on the telly. The bowl will do the curve thing all by itself, you just have to roll them but that's where the skill lies. We offer starter sessions throughout the season with our qualified coach. We can also offer private starter sessions if preferred. All you need are some flat-soled shoes like plimsolls, we can provide the rest. Get in touch to enquire or to arrange a session..

New members over 25 pay just half the normal full-member rate of £40 for the first year. Your £20 gives you full membership rights which means free unlimited access to the green (subject to availability, weather or maintenance) and eligibility to play in any of our league teams and club competitions. Social Bowler membership rates are also available for £20, which allows you to use the facilites and join in club activities and internal competitions but not league matches. For those lucky enough to be 25 years old or younger, the annual fee is just £10 for full membership rights.

In addition to the bowls drive, there are also regular informal roll-ups so you can hone your skills with established players or just have fun. These are on Friday evenings at 6.30pm and Sunday afternoons at 2pm, subject to green availability. Non-members can join in or use our green for a modest rink fee of £2 per person per session.

Click this link to download and submit your application for membership by email.

Contact Us

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League Fixtures

For dates of competitions at Barrow and surrounding clubs and entry details,
click here.

Key to table

H = Home, A = Away
Bnt = Barnetby and District League EBF
Gy = Grimsby and Cleethorpes District EBF Premier League
EBA = Grimsby and Clethorpes District EBA Div.4
Sh = Barnetby and District League Shield Knockout

May 2017

Date Start Where Versus League Result
Tues 9th 6.30pm H Carr Lane D EBA 6-4   +23
Thurs 11th 6.30pm H Barnetby Bnt 10-0   +70
Mon 15th 6.30pm H Barton Park Bnt 8-2   +46
Thurs 18th 6.30pm H Blossom Way Bnt 5-5   +0
Mon 22nd 6.30pm A Caistor Gy 6-4   +7
Thurs 25th 6.30pm H Osgodby Bnt 10-0   +75
Wed 31st 6.30pm A Goxhill Gy 6-4   +26

June 2017

Date Start Where Versus League Result
Fri 2nd 6.30pm H Barton Brigg Rd Bnt 8-2   +19
Mon 5th 6.30pm H Caistor Gy 8-2   +40
Tues 6th 6.30pm A Clee Bowls A Gy Pstpnd
Wed 7th 6.30pm H Clee Bowls C EBA 2-8   -23
Fri 9th 6.30pm H Goxhill Bnt 2-8   -21
Mon 12th 6.30pm H Blossom Way K Gy 7-3   +8
Mon 19th 6.30pm A Middle Rasen Bnt 8-2   +26
Tues 20th 6.30pm H+A Goxhill Sh Ko'd -14
Thurs 22nd 6.30pm H Cemex Bnt 2-8   -15
Mon 26th 6.30pm H Blossom Way A Gy 2-8   -18
Thurs 29th 6.30pm A Linden B EBA 4-6   -4

July 2017

Date Start Where Versus League Result
Tues 4th 6.30pm H Goxhill Gy 8-2   +10
Fri 7th 6.30pm H Blossom Way B EBA 8-2   +18
Mon 10th 6.30pm H Grimsby Bowls A Gy 4-6   +1
Tues 11th 6.30pm H Middle Rasen Bnt Pstpnd
Thurs 13th 6.30pm A Blossom Way Bnt 2-8   -13
Tues 18th 6.30pm A Barnetby Bnt 6-4   +6
Weds 19th 6.30pm A Clee Bowls D EBA 8-2   +29
Thurs 20th 6.30pm H Waltham Park C EBA 6-4   +28
Fri 21st 6.30pm H Carr Lane A Gy 2-8   -10
Mon 24th 6.30pm A Blossom Way K Gy 7-3   +8
Weds 26th 6.30pm H Clee Bowls D EBA 8-2   +42
Thurs 27th 6.30pm A Goxhill Bnt 10-0   +18
Mon 31st 6.30pm A Clee Bowls B Gy 2-8   -33

August 2017

Date Start Where Versus League Result
Weds 2nd 6.30pm A Osgodby Bnt 10-0   +33
Fri 4th 6.30pm H Clee Bowls B Gy Pstpnd
Mon 7th 6.30pm A Barton Park Bnt 8-2   +17
Tues 8th 6.30pm H Linden B EBA 10-0   +39
Weds9th 6.30pm A Blossom Way A Gy 0-10   -54
Fri 11th 6.30pm A Blossom Way B EBA 8-2   +10
Mon 14th 6pm A Barton Brigg Rd Bnt 5-5   -8
Tues 15th 6pm A Waltham Park C EBA 8-2   +39
Weds 16th 6pm H Clee Bowls A Gy 0-10   -28
Fri 18th 6pm A Grimsby Bowls A Gy 6-4   +36
Mon 21st 6pm A Carr Lane A Gy 0-10   -52
Tues 22nd 6pm A Clee Bowls C EBA 10-0   +25
Thurs 24th 6pm A Carr Lane D EBA 8-2   +60
Tues 29th 6pm A Cemex Bnt 4-6   -12
Weds 30th 6pm A Clee Bowls A Gy 0-10   -45
Thurs 31st 6pm H Middle Rasen Bnt 8-2   +34

September 2017

Date Start Where Versus League Result
Tues 5th 6pm H Clee Bowls B Gy 10-0   +58


How to Enter

The following table lists open and league competitions.

Barnetby and District League competitions (Bnt) are only open to members of clubs participating in the Barnetby League. To enter, phone the Barnetby League secretary, John Goodson, Barrow upon Humber 208793.
Open competitions (Open) can be entered by any bowler. For more details contact the competition secretary of the host club, listed at the bottom of this page.

The format for each competition is listed by number of bowls required (wd) and number of players (Tr = triples, Pr = Pairs, MxPr = Mixed Pairs).


Date Start Host Name Format Type
Sun 14th May 10am Osgodby Stephenson Cup 3wd Pr Open
Mon 29th May 10am Middle Rasen Peter Rhodes 3wd Pr Open
Sun 27th May 10.30am Goxhill Nan Chapman 2wd Tr Open
Sat 3rd June 10am Barnetby Dunwell Shield 2wd Tr Bnt
Sun 4th June 10am Barrow Scott Cup 3wd Pr Open
Sun 11th June 10.30am Goxhill Danny Thompson 2wd Pr Open
Sat 24th June 10am Barrow Mick Turner 3wd Pr Open
Sun 2nd July 10am Osgodby DIY Rasen 3wd Tr Open
Sat 8th July 10am Goxhill Baraclough Trophy 2wd Tr Bnt
Sun 23rd July 10.30am Goxhill Doreen Gladwin 2wd MxPr Open
Sat 29th July 10am Barrow Perc Howsam 2wd Tr Open
Sat 5th August 10am Barrow Webster Cup 3wd Pr Bnt
Sat 12th August 10.30am Barnetby Walker Shield 2wd Trr Open
Sat 26th August 10am Barrow Vic Audsley 2wd Tr Open
Sun 27th August 10am Osgodby B&S Ward Cup 3wd Tr Open
Mon 28th August 10am Middle Rasen Jossals Teams of 3 Open
Sat 2nd Sept 10am Goxhill Gordon Rosbrook 3wd Tr Open

Club Secretaries

Host Club Name Tel Number
Barnetby Ken Dring 01652 688246
Barrow Jane Watson 01469 588307
Goxhill Tony Hebblewhite 01469 530360
Middle Rasen Richmond Wright 01673 885451
Osgodby Bob Lawson 01673 842748